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SBM-550 die cutting machine


主要技术参数/main technical  parameters:
最在进料宽度:maximum datum width                                                       650mm
最大模切速度面积 max die-cutting dimension                                           600*400mm
模切速度cutting speed                                                                              1000-4500次/h
材料厚度material thickness                                                                        0.01--0.8mm
压力精度  Pressure accuracy                                                                   ±0.03mm
放卷直径:Unwind diameter                                                                500mm
卷筒直径 Ree I diameter                                                                      3英寸 (内径)
功率Power                                                                                                 5kw
电压Voltae                                                                                                 380V
机械尺寸Machine  Size  L * W *H                                        4800* 1600 *1700mm
机械重量 Machine weight                                                                          4500kg                                       


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