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The future of printing: imaging technology

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 World print Congress technical articles three -- the future of printing: imaging technology

  When you talk about printing industry in the future when I think on the following 3 aspects: viewpoint:
  The scale and scope of application 1, analysis of the global printing industry
  2, review the effect of printing industry reform important factors on
  3, have a look at the future facing the printing industry in the future 5 years in China.
  Development of 4 die-cutting machine and printing machine is as important.
  The printing industry as a giant is not too. The printing industry in the global scale and the application scope is It is evident to anyone. In printing process, most enterprises still to offset the industry accounted for 46% of total output value; Digital printing on print on demand and short version of market is the rapid rise is now estimated to have accounted for 7% of the total output value of industry;
  Flexo printing because of strong global demand for packaging market and rapid growth;
  The proportion of gravure and offset printing in the whole value decreased slightly because the total output value of 1% growth in the first 3% years of the die-cutting machine so the offset in the next 5 years the absolute value is still in growth;
  Light printing as the terminal product is still in the embryonic stage accounted for only 3% of output, but also in the process of growth.
  The premise and foundation for the sound development of the printing market is that economic growth and its influence in their market economy on advertising printing.
  In the past 10 years we see the country all over the world away from the music market economy and self Qu trade route which will be helpful for the printing industry in the new century though today many area facing the pain and challenge of the economic transformation of the witness
  When the beginning of the new century despite the global regional economic woes but the world economy as a whole is stable. When the beginning of the new century despite the global regional economic woes but the world economy as a whole is stable.
  According to Walton economic forecast (WEFA) prediction.
  GDP growth over the next 5 years the annual global economic hydrophobic long range is only 1% to 3%. But facts have proved this point the world economic growth slowed in the beginning of the end of 2000. But printing processes throughout the value chain -- from prepress creative development to the final printing itself is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down and will be accelerated.
  Because of the scale and its application scope is very broad printing industry by many powerful, important factors such as political and economic changes in technology, the global economy, regional development strategy, consumer behavior model.
  In order to survival and development of printing enterprises and their suppliers are required to realize the new market situation;
  Globalization -- have the reputation of the Multi-National Corporation such as McDonald's in different and area synchronous printing and adhere to the use of unified identity and style to increase their brand value;
  Globalization -- have the reputation of the Multi-National Corporation such as McDonald's in different and area synchronous printing and adhere to the use of unified identity and style to increase their brand value;
  Integrated printing and other media further;
  To personalized, short version printing and printing development trend.
  The trend of globalization, the printing media competition with globalization. Three of the die-cutting machine www.szsanben.com we now ensure that print as a "giant in the global industry". Now all over the printing business is customer requirements to meet their need of the whole world. The development of the Internet makes the earth become smaller. The impact of the printing industry to deep more and more organizations seeking to move their business globalization. They are in pursuit of a a seamless heavenly robe production, packaging, logistics and distribution process. The printer must adapt to this demand.
  The new competitive environment need to have people around the world, financial, material resources. However, small and medium-sized printing enterprises and even many large-scale printing enterprise may not be able to create such conditions. Therefore, the establishment of a joint in the printing enterprise and its suppliers and strategic partnership has become very important and far-reaching significance. One of the most successful example is the star league.
  Second printing is no longer a fully independent entity, the digital file is used for printing the Internet, multimedia application and other aspects of these documents sometimes contains digital audio information. The same image is printed on the product information on the cover also appeared on the website Webpage and CD - ROMS.
  This is an electronic and print phase polymerization time. The world's leading commercial and Media Institute is the theory on to marketing manager and advertising director who the next generation. The success of the printing enterprises will play a "comprehensive communication service providers".
  Third printing cycle and print runs and reduced with the improvement of digital technology is more advanced, and a printing is coming. In this fashion, personalized products increased to express way out of the ordinary consumer and life. This is a major global trend.
  With more personality on consumer goods manufacturers and other products used in products to cater to the classification of increasingly fine consumer market. These characteristics not only reflected in the products is also reflected in the product packaging design style, delivery mode. These trends will produce what the impact of the printing industry?
  When important regional differences will always exist the following three key factor is that most of the world's experience;
  Direct mail advertising business and the specific requirements of the order business growth;
  Because the packaging has become a kind of brand asset and the distinguishing mark. Therefore, with product package

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