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Chinese die-cutting and hot stamping equipment fully into the international new

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    In recent years, the development of the packaging printing industry rapidly in the world, not only the market demand for substantial growth for several consecutive years, and finishing on prints are increasingly high requirements. Therefore, the rapid development of the market put forward "double quality" and "quantity" of die stamping equipment.

  On the die-cutting technology, by the previous vertical applanation die-cutting technology development to the horizontal flat, circular applanation, rotary die-cutting technology, and recent development of laser cutting technology; horizontal platen from automatic to automatic belt cleaning waste, automatic belt cleaning waste, cutting the whole cleaning waste technology. Hot stamping technology, by applanation hot stamping vertical applanation hot stamping to the development of horizontal, and with the international advanced level of rotary hot stamping, roll round applanation hot stamping, roll flat hot stamping etc.. On the functional devices, has been cutting machine or hot stamping machine is composed of a single function, the development of multi station die cutting thermoprinting machine, die-cutting waste removing machine etc.. The development of the continuous pulling packaging markets and new technology, new technology, promote the die-cutting stamping equipment to the high technology, diversification, intensive development.
  1 to automation, intelligent, digital direction
  With the constant improvement of the human resource cost again fell and printing industry profits, saves auxiliary time has become a die - sized devices must be considered. Therefore, a plurality of programmable controller, LCD data communication between intelligent operation display and man-machine conversation, digital servo, holographic foil stamping hologram surface tension control, precision machinery manufacturing technology will be in the die-cutting stamping equipment use. At the same time, as the printing surface finishing processing, die-cutting indentation and digital printing equipment of the production line can be customized processing and on-demand processing, die-cutting stamping and prepress, printing with digital printing has become an indispensable part in the process of. Therefore, die-cutting stamping technology will be included in the CIP4 digital workflow, improve the die - sized devices in this regard compatible ability and scope of application, is an inevitable trend in the development of domestic die stamping equipment.
  Study 2 strengthen the key technology
  Because of the special structure of die stamping equipment, its key technology has great difference from other printing and packaging machinery, the design and manufacture technical difficulty is the highest. Restriction and influence of key technology of domestic die stamping equipment precision and speed is a period of time in the future the need to strengthen the research direction. For example, the intermittent motion of teeth of the driving mechanism, the domestic die - sized devices widely used parallel indexing cam mechanism, and the best equipment using a fan-shaped gear mechanism. In addition, also worthy of further research on the key technology of the conjugate cam drives the movable platform mechanism, photoelectric the former syndiospecific side positioning device, working pressure online detection function, hot stamping and control system etc..
  Multifunctional die cutting thermoprinting device 3 with independent intellectual property rights
  In order to make the finishing technology more perfect, accurate, improve operation efficiency, combining the die-cutting indentation and hot stamping, embossing, complete cleaning waste processes or functions in one, but also the future development direction of die stamping equipment.
  After years of development, the domestic die stamping equipment manufacturing enterprises have accumulated a certain amount of design, manufacturing experience. Based on the digestion and absorption, imitation innovation, developed with independent intellectual property rights of high-end products, is not only the requirement of technological progress, and the development of our enterprise. Shanghai Yahua launched mw1050yc Qing finished product automatic die-cutting machine, end of such models has been to rely on imports of history; the developed tym1050 series of automatic hot stamping machine with vertical and horizontal double foil feeding, holographic location used for blocking and plain silver stamping function, and the vertical hot stamping can be extended to 9 axial, transverse able to cover the entire printing width, with a number of patent. Mk920ss flat unit type automatic die cutting thermoprinting machine Tianjin EVA's new by increasing the embossing unit, the work of cutting a paper finish repeating printing or hot stamping, reducing the feeding times, shortens the interval time of multiple processes, reduce processing caused by deformation of the paper to the later process brings difficulties

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